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Art has centered me.
When I am in the act of creation it makes me feel like I am in the perfect place in the world. A place where head, heart, soul and hand connect in an elegant and expressive experience of living in the moment.
My creative journey started in my youth as I learned the power of art and its great ability in telling stories. My heart and soul are revealed through my celebration of paintings and mixed-media creations.
You can tell when someone has given their heart and soul to something they love. My creative studies have taken me from Art Center College where I studied illustration; Hawaii to study painting; to Florence, Italy, where I was a student of Studio Art Centers International (SACI); and to California where I studied drawing and further developed my painting skills. I have since created over two hundred murals and numerous original paintings. Collectors continue to enjoy and add my previous and current artworks to their collections.
Among my most prized creations are my three children: Csilla, Alpine ski racer, world cup winner and silver medalist for the United States in the 2002 Paralympics. Laszlo, childhood cancer survivor, graphic designer and creative artist. The youngest Grant, high school senior, honors student and varsity baseball player.
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Artist Beti Kristof
As a life-long artist, my greatest joy comes from my time in the studio.
Judith Haron, Artist and Advocate for Our Endangered Species
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