Endangered Species Artist

My name is Judith Haron and I live and work from my studio home in Laguna Beach, California. I grew up in Denver, Colorado; however, my educational and art foundational background was formed in illustration and textile design in New York City.
My work centers on nature’s endangered or threatened species including flora and fauna found on the coasts and waterways of our great planet. Materials and inspiration for my work come from the richly based historical time of the Medieval to Early Renaissance Period lasting from the 13th to 15th century. Authentic egg tempera paints, gold leaf, parchment paper, calligraphy, 24 karat gold lettering used by artists of that period are incorporated into my wildlife illuminations artwork.
My work wildlife illuminations have been showcased at the Laguna Beach California Summer Sawdust Festival of Arts and the Sawdust Winter Festival.
Artist Judith Haron
“My work centers on nature’s endangered or threatened species, flora and fauna of our planet’s coasts and water ways.”
Judith Haron, Artist and Advocate for Our Endangered Species
Artist Justh Haron

Love To Create

Why am I an artist? Whatever the reason, an inner compulsion exists and I continue to honor this internal art imperative. If I didn’t, I would feel like a part of my heart was missing! Art is my wish now and for always! So whether I am attempting to make art because it’s expressive, thought provoking, or just a beautiful practice, the fact remains that I will do it nevertheless!

“When I look into the eyes of an endangered animal I hear them asking me for my time! I am more than happy to go to my easel and accommodate them!”


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