EST Art & Decor was established to help benefit animals in need by creating awareness through powerful art.

A portion of our sales is donated to worthwhile causes to help rescue, feed, and shelter animals. Each month we choose one organization to partner with and support, showcase on and social media resources.
Additionally, we enjoy sharing stories and creating awareness through our EST BLOG posts. If you have a story¬†that you’d like us to share, please contact us through the form below.
If you are an established 501c3 nonprofit, we encourage you to sign up here as our efforts and outreach continue to grow.
Where can we learn more about you?
Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, anything you'd like us to look at.
Who are you? How long have you been operating?
We direct our financial support to one unique rescue or shelter each month, however, we are excited to share stories and help create awareness for a number of worthwhile causes.
Hey, like you, we're pretty busy most of the time, so help us out and make your case here.

Our goal is to donate one million dollars over the next 10 years.